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Sur Kshetra
Sur Kshetra is a singing talent show or can be a musical battle between two neighboring countries India and Pakistan. Himesh Reshammiya (music director / singer) leading the Indian Team and Pakistani Team will perform under the banner of Pop Singer & favorites of both nations - Atif Aslam.

A show where Ayesha Takia takeover the responsibility of anchoring the show where musical stalwarts are also being invited as guests of this show like Ghulam Ali, Hadiqa Kiani and Sajjad Ali from Pakistan and Suresh Wadkar, Ismail Darbar, Alka Yagnik and Sapna Mukherjee from India.

Asha Bhonsle, Abida Parveen and Runa Laila - the tri-nation Music Legends are the judges of Sur-Kshetra. In the past 64 years, this is the first time where Abida Parveen and Runa Laila are going to judge any reality music show together.

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Sur Kshetra Episode 1:
The long awaited music reality show and promoted as a “soft battle” between the two rival nations India and Pakistan, is finally makes air waves .The music show will have two teams, led and mentored by music directors like Himesh Reshammiya (Indian Captain) and Atif Aslam(Pakistani Captain). The show is hosted by the Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia. To judge the show and musical talents, 3 of the biggenst names of the sub continent have come on board as Judges. These include Asha Bhosle from India, Abida Perveen from Pakistan and Runa Laila from Bangladesh.
In the first episode of Sur Kshetra 10 selected Indian contestants we show battling it out for a spot on the final six who will then take the battle to the Pakistani contestants. We say name of the likes of Suresh Wadekar, Alka Yagnik and Ismail Darbar come together to pick the 6 Indian contestants of out of 10 picked by the team captain from various cities in India

Sur Kshetra Episode 2:
Sur Kshetra Episode 2 Brought forward the Pakistani Captain Atif Aslam and his selected contestants, who were picked from various cities of Pakistan.
Veteran Pakistani Singers Sajjad Ali, Hadiqa Kiani and Ustad Ghulam Ali .came on as judges to select Top 6 Pakistani contestants out of then who will take to the stage and fight it our with their Indian count parts.
The Six selected Pakistani contestants are:
1. Ameer Ali
2. Imran ali
3 .Nabeel Shoukat
4, Sara Raza
5. Mulazim Hussain
6. Nadeem abbass

Sur Kshetra Episode 3 and Episode 4:(Introduction week)
This week both the episodes we saw the 6 selected Pakistani contestants and 6 selected Indian contestants performing in front of the Grand Jury comprising of the 3 biggest names of the sub continent namely Abida Parveen, Runa Laila and Asha Bhosle. Each episode was divided in 3 Pakistani and 3 Indian performances. There was not grading this week and the judges just listened to the singers and gave them advice on how they can better themselves in their next performance and also criticized them on their current performance, the interesting part was that the opposing team captain was asked to rate the Singers on the dangers meter that how much do they feel this person can be a threat to their team. The musical battle is set to begin from nest week. When both teams will battle it out and eliminations begin.

Sur Kshetra Episode 5:
The Battle between India and Pakistan finally begins, the format is finally reveled and for the first time we see a unique scoring system where there is only 0 or 10 and nothing in between so basically the singer is either a zero or a hero. Every episode will also have a theme the first episode was Josh where we saw the Indian and Pakistani Singers battling it out singing joshilay songs. Over all at the end of the episode India is leading in points. As the best singer of the day will get Sur taj trophy were we saw Sara raza khan from Pakistan taking the first Sur taj trophy. In this episode also saw a tussle between the captains.

Sur Kshetra Episode 6:
The theme of episode was Love and the singers had to sing songs related to love. This Episode was mainly based on love ballads. Were we also saw passing of comments between the Pakistani captain the Indian captain, Asha bhosle and Indian contestant Aman Thrikha. Over all the Pakistani contestants performed well, we also saw the contestants asking the gorgeous Aisha Takiya to have a cup of tea with them adding a fun element to the battle. In this episode the Sur Taj trophy was once again taken home by Pakistan this time by Ameer ali. Stay tuned to see who get eliminated and who gets a chance to set on the first finalist chair.

Sur Kshetra Episode 7:
The theme of episode was dedication to anyone you want where we saw singers from both nations signing various songs they wanted to sing most of the songs were in the slower side . This episode also saw a battle of wits on the marking by the judges and there were strong words exchanged between Asha bhosle and captain of team Pakistan Atif Aslam. In this episode the Sur Taj trophy for the first time went to India and was carried by Dil Jaan for his Song Chithi na koi sandash by Jagit singh, Stay tuned for next week you will see gets eliminated and who gets a chance to sit on the first finalist chair.

Sur Kshetra Episode (Best of) Journey till now:
In this was a culmination of the first 7 episodes aired up till now, this episode was showcasing the best moments in the show and also showed the contestants and their journey from the auditions to the stage the their progress up till now. Stay tuned for next week more surprises are in store stay tuned as battle of will and wits becomes even more interesting.

Sur Kshetra Episode 8: (Asha Bhosle v/s Abida Parveen, Elimination and Finalist chair)
In this episode we saw a competition between both the teams the theme on this day was that the Indian team had to sing songs of Abida Preveen and the Pakistani team had to sing songs of Asha Bhosle. In the second Indian performance we saw Abida parveen a bit emotional and saying that we should respect these sufi qalama’s and do not disregard them by singing then in such a way. And she refused to grade them after which it was decided that the Indian singers could sings filmi songs as well. In this episode we also say the first elimination and first finalist chair. Pakistan won the first series by 10 points and Sara Raza Khan was the first to sit on the Finalist Chair, we saw that Shahzad from team India was eliminated.

Sur Kshetra Episode 9: (Qawali episode)
This episode marked the beginning of the second series; we saw a slight change in the format. The wining team from each episode will select the person who will become a contestant (Dawaydaar) to battle it out in every 4th episode for the finalist seat. In this episode we saw that almost all the contestants scored high marks and we also saw an epic performance by all the three judges on Dum Mast Qalanadar. This episode was won by the Pakistani team Nabeel Shaukat was the winner of the surtaj trophy and the first dawadar for the the 2nd finalist chair nominated by the captain of Team Pakistan Atif Aslam.

Sur Kshetra Episode 10: (Sada Bahar Filmi songs)
This episode was all about Filmy Sada Bahar songs of yesteryears, episode was action packed with Arguments between the two captains and the Judges. India won this episode by 10 points in the End the dawadar for the 2nd finalist chair was chosen by Captain hemish from team India he selected Dil Jaan to go up against Nabeel Shaukat Ali from Pakistan and battle it out for the second finalist chair.

Sur Kshetra Episode 11: (Shadi)
The theme of this episode was shadi where we saw the contestants singing shadi songs this episode was full of power packed performances from Nabeel, and Imran and Indarni who returned to her form we also was a heated debate between the captain of Team Pakistan and Asha Bhosle a couple of times during the episode. At thh end of the Epiosde it was a tie so no dawadar was selected in this episode. Will Pakistan win the 2nd finalist chair and make it 2 -0 or will India come back and take the second finalist chair to find out keep watching Sur Ksetra only on Geo.

Sur Kshetra Episode 12: (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan vs Mohammed Rafi)
This Episode was exciting in two way first of all it was a tribute to the 2 greatest names of the sub-continent where the Indian contestants had to sing songs by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the Pakistani contestants had to sing song of Mohammed Rafi. This episode also saw a change in a jury panel where we saw Asha bhosle was missing as she was unwell and the additional jury member were Suresh Vadakar, Ismieal darbar and Ghulam Ali along with Runa Laila and Abida Parveen. In this episode we saw captain Atif choosing Sara Raza Khan to perform in place of Mulazim Hussain which paid off and Pakistan won the episode and the surprising thing was that captain Atif selected Mulazim to be the dawadar for the 2nd finalist seat and gave him the surtaj trophy . The second exiting things was that was an elimination episode so first of all the we saw Diljaan, Nabeel and Mulazim in a face off to battle it out for the finalist seat at the end the judges selected Maluazim and he won the second finalist chair making in Pakistan - 2 and India – 0, we also saw indarani being eliminated from Team India. The battle for the third finalist chair begins this week we would like to congratulate Sara Raza Khan and Mulazim Hussain on winning the first two finalist chairs and making Pakistan proud. Shabash Team Pakistan Sur Laga ka geo. We wish you all the best Pakistan Zindabad.

Sur Kshetra Episode 13:
This Episode was a fun packed episode were we saw the singers singing various filmi songs this episode also had the same panel of judges was last week. In this episode the Pakistani singers did not do to well and team indina beat Pakistan by a huge margin captain hemish selected Yash raaaj to be the dawadar for the 3rd finalist seat.

Sur Kshetra Episode 14: (Mothers Special songs)
This episode was dedicated to the mothers of the world and in this we saw the contestants singing songs for their mothers. This was an an emotional episode and we saw a lot of tears from the contestants and team captains and the judges. Atif Aslam also sang a song and dedicated it to runa laila who recently lost her mother. This episode was also won by team India but a smaller margin. Once again captina hemish was asked to come on stage to hand to select his second dawadar for the finalist seat here he selected dil jaan. Will team Pakistan make a comeback to fight for the third finalist seat? Stay tuned to Geo to find out.

Sur Kshetra Episode 15:
This episode was also won by India the show was one sided and the Pakistani contestants could not reach the mark and were left short of the winning the episode. Once again captain hemish was called on to stage to present dawadar for the third finalist chair and he selected Aman Trikha for a finalist chair one last episode remains before the face off and will Pakistan be able to win the next episode and present a daward in the face off for the 3rd finalist chair

Sur Kshetra Episode 16:
This episode all saw Abida Pareen missing and it was once again Ghulam ali who was judging in her place we saw the Pakistani contestants fighting hard to get at least one of their players to be the dawadar for the 3rd finalist chair. But it was not met to be and India once again beat Pakistan, it seems that these two weeks belong to India as Pakistan as not able to win a single episode since the last face off captain hemish came on stage and selected the last Indian contestant bhudhadittiya for the daward of the chair then requested the judges as the contestants are all Indian the judges should select the winner of the finalist chair without a face off the judges selected Yash raj form India as the winner of the third finals chair. There was also an elimination and this time it had to be from Team Pakistan, the captain came on stage and had to eliminate one of his contestants and he selected Ameer Ali thus making him the first elimination from Team Pakistan. The battle for the forth finalist chair has begun. Keep watching Sur Khetra only on Geo.

Sur Kshetra Episode 17: (Filmi)
Once again we saw another surprise and change in the format from now on the dawadar for the 4th finalist chair will be selected every two episodes and the dawadar will be from the winning team after the scores of both the episode have been compiled. Team Pakistan finally made a comeback the took the stage by storm and won this episode but not by a long margin. Will Pakistan be able to win the next episode as well and present its first dawadar for the 4th finalist or will India win the next episode and present its bet.

Sur Kshetra Episode 18: (Folk)
This episode was full of tension and packed with good performance from both sides once again Nadeem abbas from team Pakistan was not able to perform task went to bhudaittya to give the lead to India as the scores were tied but it was not his day and he was not able to score any points thus the episode was tied and both team Pakistan and team India were asked to present their dawadar for the finalist seat. Captain hemish selected Dil jaan and captain atif selected Nabeel Shaukat to battle of out in the face off in the coming episodes. In this episode we also saw Mulazim hussin mimicking captain hemish also the episode was full of musti and fun.

Sur Kshetra Episode 19: (Rock Songs)
This episode as a rock episode and we saw both the captains giving a power packed performance on their songs. Team Pakistan seemed to be at a low this week and its first two contestants final to get any points on the score board where as team Indian was now in a lead and maintained it till the end and won this episode by an huge margin th only Pakistani player that was able to perform was nabeel as he also got a standing ovation from the judges. We also saw Captain Hamish using his trump card and choosing to use the Yash raaj in place of Diljaan which paid off and yash raaj was able to get full marks and take his team into the lead.

Sur Kshetra Episode 20: (Atif vs hemaish)
This episode started with a power packed performances by both the captains. In this episode the Pakistani singers has to sings songs of hemish rashimiya and the Indian singers had to sings songs of Atif aslam. This episode was also special as there would be face off for the 4th finalist chair and some one would also have to eliminated. Pakistan began on the low end and were not able to catch up in the race for points and lost this episode to India Captain Hamish selected bhudhaditiya to battle it out in the face of along with nabeel and dil jaan. This episode was also fun filled we saw mulazim once acain and come on stage and mimic a song of himish in his patent style. The face of battle as backed with powerful performances by all the three singers in the end the jury selected bhudhdittiya as the winner of the 4th chair. Now the scores are level both the countries have 2 players on the finalist seat. We also saw elimination from the Pakistani team where the captain decided to eliminate Imran Ali. The fight has now become even more competitive as the fight for the final finalist chair begins next week. Stay tuned to geo for more information.

Sur Kshetra Episode 21: (Sufi Songs)
This episode began with the queen of Sufi Abida pareen singing a Sufi kalam and Atif joining her in the middle of the song making it even better. The battle of the last and 5th finalist chair begins the competition now becomes tough with each passing episode as the pressure mounts on the teams. We saw a comeback from Nadeem abbas as after the last few weeks of weak performances, he was able to make a strong come back and receive a standing ovation from the judges. This episode also saw Atif Aslam have a disagreement with Hamish reshimiya on Aman thrikia’s performance who also received a zero from the judges. Pakistan is leading the point table will Pakistan be able to maintain its lead and present its dawadar for the final chair or will India make a comeback.

Sur Kshetra Episode 22: (A R Rehman Songs)
This Episode we saw the Pakistani artist make a great effort in ordered to secure the 5th chair we saw power packed performance both the Pakistani singers and leading to a win the selecting the first dawadar for the 5th finalist chair. Captain Atif selected Nabeel to represent Pakistan in the face off for the 5th Chair we also saw an argument between the Pakistani captain and the Indian captain. As the competition heats up so are the arguments and disagreements. Stay tuned and keep watching.

Sur Kshetra Episode 23: (My Idol)
In this episode we saw that all the contestants had to perform songs from whom they take as their idol so we saw wide Varity of songs being sung in the episode but sadly the Pakistani contestants could not perform and India took the lead at the end of the episode by 20 points with the 1st dawadar from the Pakistan of will India present its response. Who will get the 5th finalist chair? To find out stay tuned to geo

Sur Kshetra Episode 24: (Non flimi Indian Songs vs non filmi Pakistani songs)

This fate one person who will be winning the final chair was decided in this episode there is one chair and four possible dawadars for the seat Nabeel from Pakistan has already been selected as the first dawadar for the seat who will be the next, will there be a face off. Both India and Pakistan had a good start with both its first 2 contestants scoring maximum points. Captain heminsh opted to use his trump card and use Yash raaj in place of Aman Thrikha. In the end India won the episode and both the captains were called on stage captain hemish selected diljaan for te face of foe nabeel the 2 contestants that were eliminated were Nadeem abbas from Pakistan and Aman thrikha from India. The face off begins there is one 1 chair and dilljaan and nabeel battle it out in the face off. Both of them give a great performance then we see disagreement in the jury and on who should get the chair and we see the captains leaving. Finally the decision is made. And they jury decides that not 1 but both of them should proceed so they increase the chair. The final round beings from the coming week six contestants 1 crown who will win the title for Sur Kshetra Champ to find out keep watching Geo

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